The Joint Council of Construction (CIJC) Labour Rules Agreement is the largest agreement of its kind in the construction industry and includes more than 500,000 workers. All 500,000 workers are subject to the minimum wage rates set out in the agreement and most are covered by the whole agreement, which includes, among other things, travel fares and fares. Labour law is complex and evolving rapidly. This fact sheet reflects our understanding of the basic legal situation as it was known in the last update. Get legal advice on your own specific circumstances and see if the relevant rules have changed. The original 1998 working time regulations have been updated several times. if a worker is expressly required to work, for example. B Participation in meetings Such agreements can help to avoid labour disputes and facilitate the negotiation process between a very large number of different employers and workers. In addition, expenses such as travel and accommodation paid to workers under an EEA are not accounted for as tax revenue. However, the employer may use an optional redistricting system which, in the first year of employment, cultivates the share of leave that can actually be taken (with the employer`s agreement) during the year. The amount of leave that can be taken is increased each month by one twelfth of the annual fee per month. He or she does this by signing an opt-out agreement that can be terminated at any time. The agreement must require the termination of the contract, which can take up to three months, but at least seven days.

Some or no worker`s work time can complete the test. Any work time done is not charged on the 48-hour weekly working time or on night work restrictions. In the absence of an agreement, the notice period a worker must give should be at least twice as long as the leave to be taken. An employer may deny the worker permission to take a requested leave within the duration of the leave. These agreements may be entered into by a “collective agreement” (between the employer and an independent union) or by an “employment contract.” When a worker has part of his conditions set by a collective agreement, he cannot be subject to an employment agreement. In most cases, a labour agreement is reached with the elected representatives of the workers. Employers can determine the schedules when workers take their leave, for example for a Christmas break. By agreement between an employer and an employee in a collective agreement or an employment contract, or a worker is entitled to an uninterrupted 11-hour rest between each working day and a whole day per week. Days off can be on average over a two-week period, which means that workers can take two days off, two days off.

In addition to paid annual leave, days off are taken. The work includes work trips, work meals and vocational training. You must give a break to employees who are – but the payment is discretionary: for an employee whose salary varies according to the workload (for example. B for piecework) or where a weekly allowance consists in part of variable bonuses or commissions directly related to this week`s issue, a weekly salary is multiplied by normal working hours. The resulting time of this extra work is not counted as working time for weekly working time or night work restrictions. Simply put, overtime chosen by the worker without the employer`s airtime is not considered working time; Therefore, this exception is limited to those who are able to choose the duration of their work. The key factor in this exception is the choice of workers without inconvenience.

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