For offshore wind projects in particular, the indirect costs of lost production during production rehabilitation may be in the same ballpark as the direct costs associated with larger modernization campaigns (particularly where the main components/jack-up vessels are not required). The owner`s commercial position can be strengthened by concise contractual formulas that leave no room for interpretation as to situations in which production losses are compensated. Too often we see owners and operators with OEM (`SMA) service and maintenance contracts, which do not fully provide alternative business management strategies for assets. In some respects, this is understandable when one considers that as ADT, such as ADM, is generally signed for many years before owners focus on improving the effectiveness of operational management. However, the possibility of developing an alternative operational strategy in the future can be guaranteed in advance by the implementation of the correct contractual clauses in the main supply contracts. This requires not only compliance with “termination” trade clauses within the ADM, but also the assurance that the technical and regulatory documents necessary for the introduction of a third party are contractually guaranteed in the TSA. The company also had to commit, within five years of the conclusion of the agreement, not to enter into vessel-sharing agreements with its main competitors. Specialized teams from the technical control can also take the technical direction of an offshore wind farm. This includes: The owner of the Danish oil tanker Maersk Product Tankers has reached an agreement with China Development… When defining the duration of your ADM, the first OEM often insists on long-term service agreements. But is this the right solution for your wind farm project? Is a full service agreement required after the TSA guarantees expire? How do you want to operate your wind farm throughout its lifespan? Your ADM should not only support your specific project business, but also be part of the long-term portfolio strategy and ensure the right options within the ADM is of the utmost importance.

. For example, the inclusion of an exit fee option or explicit options for reduced benefit areas, which maintain contractual flexibility for future optimizations. Founded in 1989, the TSA was one of the first carrier discussion agreements concluded in the United States following the passage of the Shipping Act of 1984. In addition to the TSA`s trade initiatives, the agreement provided a forum for lines to discuss trade conditions, market developments, and trade and economic trends. Maersk Line pledged, among other things, not to renew South Hamburg`s membership on a trade route close to trade – the west coast of South America – currently on the eastern shore of the Far East and to end South Hamburg`s accession to an ASV on the eastern coast of South America. The decision will be announced after Maersk Line`s withdrawal from the agreement reported by The World Maritime News in December. The turbine supply contract (TSA) is an integral part of the contract framework of a wind farm.

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