The U.S. government does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, genetic information, age, membership of a workers` organization, reprisals, parental status, military service or any other non-remuneration factor. Supervising affiliate training programs; Works with individual academic coordinators and Boston VAMC management on program development and improvement to ensure they provide trainees with quality training and support the VHA mission. ACOS/E deals with affiliation agreements, supports associated health apprentice programs, facilitates the processing of entries and exits, monitors national education requirements and rules, collects support data for the program and reports to the OAA. The Head of Education and Training (WD) or Associate (ACOS/E) is an institution-based learning officer responsible for overseeing, responsibleing and accountable for all accredited and affiliated clinical training programs within the institution. THE DET maintains the quality of relationships with related companies and a positive and effective local learning environment. Thus, the DO contributes to the quality of health care for Veterans and the nation. one. The DET regularly assesses the educational resources of the local institution and is committed to finding adequate resources b. The DET at the local level (including parent and ambulance facilities) ensures that trainees are properly appointed, assessed, trained and properly monitored. WD should be familiar with training guidelines/manuals (series 1400 and other human resources policies), participate in national educational appeals and VISN, and participate in education conferences and training sponsored by the Office of Affiliation (OAA). In collaboration with other local executives, THE DO oversees relations with a large number of vocational schools, such as medical schools, dentists and nursing schools, and participates in higher-level medical education committees (GMEs) of its main partner. Participation in the local management of apprentice funding is an important function of the DO, which includes overseeing the management of training grants, reporting of housing education, reporting of educational activities, training cost contracts, student rate plans, program contract agreements and payment agreements.

WD should update these documents in accordance with OAA guidelines/manuals. c. THE DO plays a key role in maintaining long-standing affiliation relationships, but also assesses the value of new partnerships to ensure that staff are able to meet the needs of Veterans for years to come. These relationships may include partnership with Ministry of Defence (DoD) training programs d. THE DED plays a key role in partnering with related companies, such as. B in joint recruitment work, setting up VA clinics on faculty appointments and establishing active relationships through matching councils.

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