If you trust your family, as you trust your parents and you are either an agent or a beneficiary, then yes, get an agreement, make sure you know the specifics of that trust and give this information to your lawyer, that your partner is aware of it and that maybe everything you want to do, their exposure or your risk just in case. your relationship ends, limited. Some people refer to these agreements as “prenupes,” but this term does not recognize the much broader circumstances in which these agreements can be concluded now. While a binding financial agreement duly drawn up will be legally binding for its parties, a poorly crafted agreement can be challenged and annulled by the Court of Justice. Parties to a relationship, either married or de facto, may enter into an agreement that may prevent the courts from participating in the consolidation of real estate after separation. In this way, arrangements can also be made for the ongoing financial and marital maintenance for one or both parties. To be binding and legally enforceable, parties to a financial agreement must have received independent legal advice (from a lawyer) and a certificate confirming it must be attached to the agreement. (c) before or after the signing of the agreement, a statement signed by counsel was presented to each party, in which it is stated that the deliberation referred to in point (b) was forwarded to that party (whether or not the statement was attached to the agreement); And right now. Lawyers are risk averse, so I`ll say it, of course. But seriously, the best time to reach an agreement is before you become vulnerable or before the Family Law of 1975 applies to your circumstances and with plenty of time to discuss, negotiate, amend and especially for both parties to seek and follow legal advice given to them. It`s crucial. It is important to seek advice from an experienced family lawyer before discussing financial issues arising from a separation with your spouse or partner.

Family law can be complex and each case is different. We can accompany you and propose possible solutions to your situation. Some division couples may find it very stressful to talk about financial matters – for these people, we can negotiate on your behalf and get a fair real estate plan without having to directly confront your spouse or partner. Many Australians would see the value of devoting time to evaluating a business opportunity, and would do research and perform due diligence before investing in one. However, not many Australians are considering the potential risks of a relationship breakdown as we begin it.

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