3. After receiving information from the company that a vessel has arrived and is anchored at the dock, the contractor must bring the number of workers requested to the port at its own transport costs. A. If the company concludes the same with or without justification, by providing the contractor with a 15-day notice in writing from the date to be determined in the notice of contract. For individual and specific entries, you can contact us for online creation based on your entries. 1. The company designates the contractor as a contractor for the supply of labour who carries out the loading and unloading operations in a company vessel when it arrives in that port. If workers are required to exceed the number of hours per contract, the company must pay overtime wages to workers through the contractor. 24. The contractor does not cede this contract to another person without the written consent of the company and can only be issued under the terms prescribed by the company. The contractor makes available to the manufacturers all the amenities that must be provided legally. Sometimes, if the contractor does not create such amenities, the business may also be required to produce the statutory deadline at intervals. The contractor is created to reimburse the costs up to a counter-value.

IMPORTANT: We provide instant and costless creation of all legal documents online, send us your requirements by contacting us on the page of our website for urgent needs. 22. It is the contractor`s responsibility to ensure that workers do not strike or stop work and, if they do, the company is authorized to carry out the loading or unloading work by another group of workers and the contractor is required to repair the damage suffered by the company in that name. When the contractor`s workers have a claim, an attempt is made to be settled out of court with the help of the company on agreed terms. The contract agent can be a daily bet or the daily wages are accumulated and given during the month. Industries justify paid work by the fact that the necessity is temporary or seasonal. Nevertheless, there are prepared cases of contract work that are used for tasks such as security, scanning and cleaning, although difficult to understand, but these tasks are temporary and do not warrant full-time permanent staff. Leaders try to circumvent the provisions of social legislation, unless they are legally forced to fail or by circumstances, while the judiciary has forever upheld the idea of social justice, the dignity of human rights and the well-being of workers. For each new batch of construction workers made available by the contractor, the contractor communicates to the company the list of the address and the various information provided by the worker.

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