Other types of contracts that need to be written in some states are: the statue of Frauds prevents people from making mistakes at each other by claiming that they are entitled to benefits under non-existent contracts. There are four types of contracts that must be written according to the status of fraud that contractors must comply with: a contract can be as simple as an offer, acceptance and handshake. While both parties were reasonable and were on an equal footing with the agreement — and most of the time it is considered legally binding — written contracts are increasingly acceptable. But even a simple contract error or supervision can cost you money or worse. Protect your business by talking to a lawyer about local contracts today. Every U.S. state has laws to prevent contract fraud, by establishing certain types of contracts that need to be written. These laws are called fraud laws and require certain types of contracts to be written down and signed by the contracting parties. Although other types of contracts may be oral, it is advisable to “receive them in writing” to ensure that both parties understand their obligations. If judicial enforcement is necessary, a written contract shows the obligations of the parties and avoids a “he said, she says” dispute.

It is easier to check before signing with a lawyer whether a contract is valid than to impose a poorly developed agreement after the problems that arise. While breaching contractual actions can be costly for your business, non-binding agreements that you thought were cemented by contract law can also be costly. List three types of contracts that are in any case… As a general rule, the following types of contracts must be executed in writing to be enforceable. However, contracts in one of these categories, which are concluded orally, are not automatically considered “unseable.” However, they are considered “non-aborable” and can be confirmed or rejected by both parties at any time. For example, an independent contractor (Joe Martin) has entered into an oral agreement with a company director (Xyz Company) to package and ship its products. The company would send the invoices and get the money back. The verbal agreement between Joe and the director of Xyz Company included the agreement that Joe would not be responsible for collecting the revenue tax on the products sold.

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