The P.O. Box Management Institute 2987 – 00100, represented by the duly qualified regional manager Mr. Saman Kinh, is called the “Institute” and includes the Institute of Management or “Employer” as it is formed today or from time to time during the implementation of this agreement. not only at the time of flight, but also when it comes to the operator`s management team. All cabin crew members who sign a training loan must meet their contractual obligations. Training obligations are legally binding and enforceable documents. Training obligations are therefore attractive legal instruments for pilots who are willing to improve their aviation skills to advance their careers, but pilots must recognize that these agreements represent a considerable amount of money and can therefore result in serious personal liabilities in the event of a breach of contract. Flight training is expensive, and liability for breach of contract could jeopardize your aviation career. As with any agreement, both parties must agree on the terms of the loan. This will be different depending on a number of variables, with the course or training in question. The cost of training, direct and indirect, The duration of the training, the necessary break time, are weighed against a reasonable time for the in exchange for the employee to the company. The question in the bar case was whether the master had to pay $US 27,641.51 for his training, knowing that he breached his training obligations as a result of that resignation, after working with the employer for only five months, when the conditions required by the training contract were 24 months. At Chartright Air Inc.

vs. De Paoli, a pilot (the “captain”) was hired by an air operator (the “employer”) to captain a Challenger 601. Despite his extensive experience, the master was not qualified to fly on the 601. So he had to catch up with his Proficiency Check driver. The employer agreed to pay for the master`s training. In return, the master had to work 24 months for the employer at the end of the training. The training was valued at USD 31,265.00. The master passed the examinations and obtained his pilot proficiency control on the 601. At the same time, the employer hired another pilot (the “first officer”) to complete the flight crew.

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